Synthetic Stucco vs. Traditional Stucco: What Is The Difference?

Synthetic Versus Traditional Stucco

Stucco has been a popular siding option for years due to its durability and style. However, you have different choices when it comes to choosing a type of stucco. Each has its pros and cons, and the right one to use will vary from project to project.

At Builder Boy, we are a licensed general contractor and full-service home remodeling company that has been perfecting the art of custom stucco finishes for over 20 years.

To help you decide on the right stucco, we have written this article where we compare traditional stucco to synthetic stucco in terms of:

  • Appearance
  • Performance
  • Cost

What Is Traditional Stucco?

Traditional stucco, also known as classic stucco, is authentic stucco material made from cement, lime, and coarse sand. It’s a durable material that has excellent resistance to the elements.

What Is Synthetic Stucco?

Synthetic stucco, also known as acrylic stucco, contains acrylic resins that has sand in it to resemble traditional stucco and give the appearance of definition.

Traditional StuccoSynthetic Stucco
Available in more textures, less vibrant colorsAvailable in more bright colors, less textures
Lasts longerGreater elasticity, less likely to crack
More affordableBetter insulator

Traditional Stucco vs. Synthetic Stucco Appearance

Traditional stucco is available in endless textures from rough to smooth. Synthetic stucco has a variety of textures but not as many as traditional stucco, However, synthetic stucco is available in more bright colors that are consistent throughout.

Traditional stucco, on the other hand, is better in lighter colors as it is not as vibrant and will have slight color variation from one batch to the next.

Traditional Stucco vs. Synthetic Stucco Performance

Traditional stucco is more durable, fire resistant, and has greater longevity, being able to last up to 50 years with low maintenance. Traditional stucco is also very porous and dries out quickly, while synthetic stucco is not and can have water damage issues if not installed properly.

However, synthetic stucco has more elasticity and can expand and contract better than traditional stucco without cracking. This makes it a better choice in areas with extreme temperature changes from hot to cold.

Synthetic stucco is also a better insulator than traditional, which can help with energy cost savings.

Traditional Stucco vs. Synthetic Stucco Cost

The cost of synthetic stucco is higher due to its polymers. On a large project, going with traditional stucco can bring significant cost savings for material.

Choosing The Right Stucco For Your Home Siding

When deciding on which stucco to use on your project, take factors such as budget, style, and climate into consideration.

Synthetic stucco is a great choice for:

  • Vibrant colors
  • Extreme hot/ cold temperature changes
  • Flexible budgets

If you are ready to hire a professional to guide you through choosing the right type of stucco for you, find a quality contractor like Builder Boy that will go above and beyond to make sure the vision you have for your home design becomes a reality. Take the first step to starting your project by requesting a free estimate today.