About the Home Remodeling Process

The home remodeling process depends on the general contractor you choose for your project.  A successful remodeling project depends on diligent planning, excellent coordination and open communication between the general contractor and the client. That is why we take great pride in employing only professional and knowledgeable tradesman who will walk you through each phase of the project and keep you updated if anything out of the ordinary should occur. We believe our ability to create the best remodeling experience relies heavily on this practice and the outcome will be a space you can enjoy for many years to come.

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During the home remodeling process, you will notice a lot of changes to your living or business environment. We will be asking you to re-arrange or pack some of your personal belongings. We want you to know that we will make every effort to protect your home or business; however, the remodeling process is a stressful, messy and an inconvenient one. We highly recommend you protect your valuables and store them in a safe location away from the construction work area. We also suggest packing things you use daily in clear plastic storage bins in an area that can be easily accessed.


Your project manager will be your point of contact and will be working closely with the operations manager throughout your project; together they will be scheduling workers, deliveries, installation appointments and addressing all your concerns. They can be reached anytime during business hours by phone or email. Their information can be found on the contact sheet provided along with our hours of operation.


All work agreed upon can be found on your original contract and is outlined in the project checklist. Any work outside of the agreement must be discussed with your project manager and applied only after a change order has been submitted and signed by the homeowner. Any discrepancies in your estimate must be addressed through your estimator before any work begins. A payment schedule is also included in your contract along with a checklist for any materials that may need to be delivered directly to the job site.


Builder Boy recommends the home owner or a representing adult is present on the job site always for product and random decision approvals. In the event, you cannot be present during construction, we require an entrance that can be accessed always while you are away. This includes having a key which we can put in a lock box with direct access by the project manager or the combination to a garage door keypad. The key or combination will only be used after we have received your permission for access. Working hours are typically 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. If you need to make special arrangements, please call Builder Boy and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.


Parking can be an issue at times. Please establish an agreement about parking with your project manager. Please let us know if it is ok to block your driveway and let us know the designated areas for deliveries to avoid unexpected frustrations. Any parking permits and times when and where we are not allowed to park must be submitted to your project manager before the project begins. In some cases, a metal dumpster (the size of a small car) will be delivered to your job site. It will remain there while the workers are doing demolition.


Please expect a certain amount of dust and noise until the project is completed. We will try our best to maintain the dust in the area we are working.


Even though the plan and schedule may have allocated certain days for construction, there may be days where no one will show up or there may be obstacles which can cause delays. Sometimes workers may have completed their work before the next phase of remodeling is scheduled to commence. Or, there may be miscommunication with orders or people. Things ordered may be delayed. People may make mistakes or get sick and sometimes even bad weather conditions can slow things down. We ask you kindly to make space for Murphy’s Law. However, please be advised, estimated completion times are under no circumstances guaranteed as we do not have control over these unforeseen obstacles.


A restroom will need to be available for the construction workers. If you prefer, we can provide a portable toilet at the end of your driveway for an additional cost.


There are typically a few punch list items that need to be taken care of before the project is complete. These are usually addressed after the final inspection. It is a common practice in the construction industry to correct or complete any incorrect or incidental damage to existing finish, materials, and structures related to the project prior to final payment.