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Commercial Construction & Tenant Improvements

Builder Boy is also a commercial construction business focused on project management of each phase in the construction process.

We have helped renovate some of the largest buildings in Southern California. For over twenty years, our approach to commercial renovation is through meticulous planning. We want the process to be safe and as stress free as possible. But most of all, we want the result to make our clients happy.

The difference in a commercial remodel when compared to a home remodel is the scale and timing. Larger projects may involve multiple stories, special scaffolding, extensive exploration into code enforcement requirements, permitting, land use, zoning and special inspections. This coupled with access to businesses during construction can be tedious and often overwhelming. To help move the process seamlessly, we pride ourselves on efficiency and organization.

Because all our commercial services are under one roof, communication is much faster. More than one crew is always available and ready to work. Whether you are considering a repair, a face lift, a new configuration, more space or a complete transformation, we are here to provide a complete and comprehensive solution for your needs.