A Whole Home Remodel
From Concept To Design & Build

This whole home remodel gives the block cool beach vibes. This is a beautiful beach getaway home remodel. This complete face lift consisted of exterior paint, new windows, custom concrete driveway, porch, and paver patio. We partnered with Jennifer Allison Design on this project. Her design firm contacted us to paint the entire house – inside and out. Images are used with her permission.

Interior Paint

Who said white was boring? We matched the ceiling and walls to the cabinets for a clean, classic look that is anything but dull.

Our painters also did a great job matching the walls to the neutral countertops for a clean, cohesive look.   Throughout the house the paint match the aesthetic perfectly, giving the design a complete look.

New Windows

New windows were necessary in this remodel since the ones before were old and had not been changed for some time.  Now the homeowners are not only safe but also enjoy the view from each window and don’t have to worry about dealing with their windows for a long time.

Custom Concrete Driveway, Porch and Exterior Paint

Since 27th St. residential remodel also needed a little TLC in terms of paint.  With a couple of coats of exterior paint we gave this remodel a very needed  dose of fresh air; choosing the lighter color brighten the exterior and it also helped achieve the California Beach look the homeowners were looking for.

The homeowners wanted to have a porch that was inviting not only to enjoy it as a family but also to have gatherings.  The design of it is open and easy to access it.  The fireplace has them cover for when the chilly nights take over or when they just want to gather around a fire to catch up.

The concrete driveway refreshes the look and it is convenient for the homeowners.

Patio Cover

27th St. residential remodel needed a patio cover, for it we wanted to follow the clean lines of the interior design, so this patio cover features a white look with a modern style.  It is an unobtrusive patio cover to allow the fountain to shine in all its splendor.