Promenade Bathroom Remodel

Promenade bathroom remodel was all about the wow factor the homeowners wanted to accomplish with tile and color.  The end result is a spa like bathroom that is inviting, warm and unique.


Subway Tile

This Promenade bathroom remodel required something that could be versatile and that had the ability to have a wow factor and for this we went with subway tile.

The official definition of subway tile is a thin, low-fired, glazed ceramic tile. It is available in a variety of materials, like glass, stone, and marble, just to name a few.

Traditionally, subway tile is 3 x 6 inches. However, sizes for subway tile have expanded to include many other sizes. The general rule is any wall tile with a 1 to 2 size can be styled as a subway tile: 2 x 4, 4 x 8, 6 x 12. Sometimes tiles that are not 1:2 but still have a smaller rectangular shape are considered subway tile as well, like a 4 x 10.

Subway tile in the shower is a classic look and durable choice. Subway tile is ideal for shower walls but cannot go on the shower floor.

In this Promenade Bathroom Remodel we decided to gravitate towards subway tile mocking sandstone because it is warm, and it gives the bathroom a modern appearance.

The gentle, natural feel of the sandstone tile creates texture and depth in any environment. Suitable for indoor floor and walls, this classic tile won’t disappoint.

The colors created by choosing sandstone tile throughout this bathroom brings forth a sense of warmth and candid energy.  It is very relaxing but at the same time it makes us admired the texture and depth of the space.

After choosing this warm subway tile resembling sandstone, the accessories had to match in its clean lines and sleek look.  The faucet presents straight, clean lines which stand out in not only the color of the sandstone but also the depth it creates.

The paint used in this bathroom remodel was to complement the tiles and the warmth of the space.