3rd St. Home Remodel

3rd St. home remodel came to Builder Boy because the homeowners wanted to make this house their home with improvements they knew they needed and could not live without before moving in.

Living Room

3rd St. home remodel was about giving this home a new life by re-texturing and repainting the walls and ceilings to give everything a classic contemporary look.

Now, the open space is inviting, modern and ready to be lived in.  The fireplace also received a face lift and now is the focal point of the room.


The work in the kitchen wasn’t extensive but it was necessary to convert this kitchen into a space in which the family could hang out.

We replaced the kitchen counter tops with custom quartz counter tops and refaced the cabinets making the kitchen feel more open and lighter.

By refacing the cabinetry the kitchen in combination with the lighting helped moved this kitchen from dingy and dark to fresh and bright.

The end result is a modern, and inviting kitchen, with plenty of storage and countertop space to fit the whole family.


In the bathrooms of this remodel we also refaced all the cabinets to a more modern look.  The inspiration for the bathrooms was the beach look: breezy, with clean lines and an open feel.

Lighting was also important to make this space bright and airy, there are new light fixtures throughout.

Storage was also important in here because it was necessary for the family.  We made sure to have a vanity that had enough storage for the whole family.


The exterior also needed a little TLC, so we re-stuccoed it and gave the wood trim a fresh coat of color.  Now, the wood looks fresh and modern.

Also, by re-stuccoing the exterior the house, it gained a new look which made the house brighter and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The red door adds not only to the charisma of the house but also it makes the front of the house stand out.