Full Kitchen Remodel With Before And After Photos

Ferro St. Project, Builder Boy

This Long Beach home underwent a full kitchen remodel complete with custom cabinets, custom tiles, backsplash and new paint. See before & after photos.

The Back Story: Why This Homeowner Hired Builder Boy For The Job

Ferro St. kitchen remodel was a project in which the homeowners wanted a wow factor.  It was brought to Builder Boy because the homeowners wanted to transform their space into something they could be proud of.  They also wanted to have their dream kitchen come true.

What The Kitchen Looked Like Before The Remodeling Took Place

Built in 1949, this single 2-story, 4 bedroom, 3 bath home in Long Beach family home was purchased in March, 2015.  It’s interior was in dire need of an immediate makeover, beginning with the kitchen.