Flagstone Kitchen Remodel

Flagstone Kitchen Remodel needed to be modified for a growing family of 4.  The layout of appliances did not work as well as it should so Builder Boy modified that. The end result is a modern kitchen meeting all the needs for the homeowners.

As seen in these photos, Flagstone Kitchen Remodel did not work for the homeowners and their family.  Besides the cabinetry being old and in need of new ones, the appliances and their location also made it impossible to have functionality in this kitchen.

Cabinet Boy was in charge to give this kitchen new cabinets.  The homeowners chose a different color for the island’s cabinets.  A deep green was chosen which matches the color scheme of the design.

The combination of white on the cabinetry, grey for the countertops and green for the island cabinetry make this kitchen feel modern and up-to-date.

The cabinetry was spread out throughout the kitchen to gives this family plenty of space.  The wall cabinetry by the refrigerator hides most of the storage.

The island was big enough to accommodate for more store on the side not used as a dining table.  And there is also open shelving for those items the homeowners want to show off.