Condon Bathroom Remodel

Condon Bathroom Remodel needed an upgrade and more storage, so Builder Boy did just that.  The end result is a chic and modern bathroom with plenty of space.

This bathroom needed a spruce up, it was dated and needed everything new.  Builder Boy provided from new paint, new shower and tile to new window and storage.

Even though the restroom had some storage before, it didn’t have enough.  We were able to add more storage on the side of the shower.

Another thing that changed was the layout of the toilet, vanity and shower.  The window gave plenty of light to the restroom but because the location of the toilet did not work we had to put it above on the side of the new shower.  This location was out of the way and the window still provided the restroom with light.

The tile floor complements the strong color of the shower tile.  The color of the shower tile is a combination of blues, and blacks with a hint of white throughout.

The end result of this bathroom remodel is a stunning bathroom with functionality, personality, brighter than before and up-to-date.