Ocean Home Remodel

Ocean Home Remodel was in dire need of modernization.  The kitchen and master bathroom received the most renovations. Builder Boy was able to provide the result our clients needed to have an updated and elegant home.

The bathroom design in this remodel is no less than extraordinaire.  The clean lines and crisp colors make this master bathroom a thing of dreams.

Colors are important to set a mood on any space; in this project it was important to have the colors complement the style and the peaceful mood the homeowners wanted to accomplish. The colors for this project were kept neutral, mostly white but with accessories that pop up like the faucets and handles.

The end result of the project is a space that provides practicality and elegance as well as charm and a welcoming feeling.

In this remodel, Builder Boy work in collaboration with Cabinet Boy to have blue custom kitchen cabinets done.

The result is an amazing kitchen with an electrifying color.  It is an unusual color but one that goes with the personality of the homeowners.

A color like this would seem to obscure the space but on the contrary, it brightens up the space because the cabinets are not blocking the light coming from the window.

Also, the light color of the backsplash helps so the cabinet color doesn’t overpower the kitchen.