Obispo Building Remodel

Obispo Building Remodel needed a complete renovation since the apartment building hadn’t had a major upgrade for a few years. It was important to bring the apartment complex to modern times by replacing all the cabinets from the kitchen and bathroom, also a new paint color was chosen to have the units brighter. The exterior of the building was upgraded too with new windows and new color.


Builder Boy with the help of Cabinet Boy gave each unit new cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom.

Cooperation is very important when renovating commercial projects because they are massive undertakings and there are timelines to reach.

With the help of Paint Boy each unit received new paint throughout and the exterior of the building as well.

Stucco Boy was fundamental in getting the exterior of the building in better shape and better looking.  After changing the windows, the stucco was repaired and brought back to life.


The result is a not only better looking apartment complex but also it is up to date in appliances and finishing touches.

For some projects collaboration is key not only to finish a project on time but also to bring fresh perspectives to old habits.