1st St. exterior paint

1st St. exterior paint project was brought to Builder Boy because the house needed not only a color change but also with it a change in the vibe the home.  In this case a color is not just about how a house looks from the outside but also how the house feels to the homeowners.  The homeowners wanted a brighter, more elegant color, that which reflected the character of the house and their style.

All paint is made of the same basic ingredients: solvent, resin, additives, and pigments. Solvents are typically water for latex paint and mineral spirits for oil paint. In both cases, the solvent is what evaporates as the paint dries, leaving behind the resin, pigment, and additives.

Exterior paints need to be able to stand up to all kinds of weather conditions, from changing temperatures to UV rays to salty sea breezes and more.

To compensate for the variable temperature conditions that paint on exterior walls will experience, exterior paint contains flexible resins that keep paint looking good when the surface underneath expands and contracts. Exterior paint also contains additives that help prevent fading, stop mildew, and resist tannin staining.

Most homes in the Craftsman style have porches with thick square or round columns and stone porch supports. Low-pitched roofs. The homes typically have a low roof with wide eaves and triangular brackets. Exposed beams. The beams on the porch and inside the house are often exposed.

The color for 1st St. exterior paint project is Pilgrim Gray from Smith Paint with a combination of white satin.  This combination gives the house a fresh look, and it also brings the details of the craftsmanship style to light.  It brightens the wood but it also let’s the details of construction shine without taking the character of the home away.