Petaluma Home Remodel

Petaluma home remodel was achieved with the help of Satin & Slate Interior Design Studio.  Their design made this forgotten beauty shine again.  The layout was moved for a more practical space for the family plus the added 420 square feet help expand the space and the finishing touches made this remodel be one of the best we have done in Long Beach.


Before the renovation this home needed a lot of TLC.  The bones of the house were good shape but it really needed to have some upgrades.

The floors needed to be replaced, the paneling on the wall needed to be removed, the appliances upgraded, the ceiling was upgraded but not completely replaced.

With the help of Satin & Slate Interior Design Studio the layout of the house was arrange to feature an open concept, a plastered fireplace and a more practical arrangement of the interior of the house.


Petaluma home remodel started with the removal of everything but the bones.  After all was gutted then the design started to take place.

Everything in this project was new from the floors to the ceiling and everything in between.

The added 420 square feet gave the family more space not only to have their own privacy but also to share an open space in the living room and kitchen.


After all the dust settled and the design followed we encounter a gem.  The bones of the house were in great shape, it was just necessary to remove all that had been neglected for a while and make them new.

At the end, the Petaluma home remodel gives the homeowners a modern and sleek design with ample room for the family to gather, with up-to-date appliances and an open concept; this house is ready for a party.