Long Beach ADU Build – Vista

Sometimes you find the right property, but the style of the home just does not fit you or your family. Changing the layout and architecture style of your home may seem impossible; however, it’s obtainable if you’re planning a complete remodel.

Recently, Builder Boy turned a ranch style home into a modern farmhouse, from redesigning the interior to exterior of the house with a full bathroom remodel and adding a second story.

Here’s the process on how we turned a house from ranch style to modern farmhouse, the Roosevelt Home.

Before Renovation

This Long Beach ADU Build, done in collaboration with our sister company Satin & Slate is one of our favorite projects of the year. Prior to the build, the vision for the ADU had been a place for our client to house guests, make extra income, and have somewhere to escape, while still on their property

Long Beach ADU Build
Long Beach ADU Build

During Renovation

The owners wanted to make the ADU fully functional which included adding a kitchen and extending the unit almost 6 feet. The homeowners loved the existing vaulted ceilings and brick fireplace, but wanted to add some modern elements.

Micro Kitchen Details

Light-Filled Tranquility: Large, strategically placed windows and open-concept layouts invite an abundance of natural light, creating an airy and inviting space that blurs the line between indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor Living Redefined: Embrace the coastal lifestyle with thoughtfully designed outdoor spaces perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying moments of tranquility. Your own private retreat awaits you.

Long Beach ADU Build