Closet Remodel & Organization: In Your Room

If you’re anything like me, being organized is a must. In the office or at home, everything belongs in its place. So when it comes to storage solutions, no two closets are created equal. Each closet in your home should fit your needs. But, before you start tearing down walls or adding shelves for your closet remodel, you must determine how much space you really need.

First, begin by removing all the clutter from your closet and separating each item into categories. You may want to clear a space in your room or simply use your bed as a staging area for the piles of stuff you’re about to find. Most importantly, bring in a box for items and wardrobe you no longer fancy. This will be your donation box. For items you may want to store or sell at a garage sale, use a clear plastic storage bin with lid so you can find things easier later on. To make it simple, your piles should be labeled “keep”, “toss”, and “donate”.

Next, take all the hangers in your closet and keep only the ones that match and are worth keeping. Wire hangers should be recycled or taken back to your local dry cleaner where they can be reused. If it’s in your budget, I suggest buying new matching hangers that will compliment your closet color and theme. Then, clean your closet. Wipe down the shelves and walls. Mop or vacuum the floor.