What Do General Contractors Do? Do I Need One And Is It Worth It?

The number one question on everyone’s mind when deciding to remodel their home is: What Do General Contractors Do?

Doing a home remodel is an exciting process. However, anyone that has gone through a renovation will tell you it can also be an expensive process, especially when hiring a general contractor.

Often homeowners will try to cut down on the cost by hiring a handyman instead, or even by attempting to do the work themselves.

While this may seem like a smart, cost saving idea in the short term, the decision to not use a general contractor can end up ultimately costing even more money, not to mention time and aggravation too.

At Builder Boy, we are a licensed general contractor and full-service home remodeling company. We know how important hiring a qualified general contractor is to the success of a project. In this article, we’ll discuss what to expect from hiring a general contractor and if it’s the right decision for your project.

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What Does A General Contractor Do?

A general contractor oversees an entire construction project. From supervising daily operations to ensuring the job is in compliance with local building code, they are in charge of every detail to ensure the job is done correctly.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A General Contractor?

  • Organizes and oversees entire project
  • Provides all necessary tools, equipment and material
  • Point of contact for subcontractors
  • Experienced to execute your vision correctly

General Contractors Take Care Of The Project Details

A general contractor does all the organizing and planning for you. By hiring a professional, you do not have to worry about every little detail of completing a home project on your own. A contractor also creates the project timeline by developing the different stages of work so that the project stays on schedule and is completed in a timely manner.

They Provide All The Tools And Equipment For Your Project

A detail that is often overlooked by homeowners is getting the right tools needed to complete a job. By hiring a general contractor, all of that is taken care of for you. The contractor provides all of the material, labor, and equipment necessary for the construction of the project. Having to rent or even buy the tools yourself can end up being more of a headache than just paying someone to handle it for you.

A General Contractor Will Supervise All Subcontractors

There are a lot of moving parts to a construction site, especially if you do an extensive renovation. There’s a very good chance that different specialists are going to be needed. From plumbing to electricians, these professionals with specific experience will be brought in to handle the part of the project that they are experts in.

By having a general contractor, you have one point of contact that will hire, coordinate and oversee all of the schedules and work of the subcontractors.

General Contractors Work Hard To Bring Your Vision To Life

Even if you know exactly what you want your dream home to look like, do you know how to make that dream a reality?

When you hire an experienced, licensed general contractor, you can rest assured the right materials are ordered and the appropriate subcontractors are hired to execute your vision correctly.

Is It Worth Hiring A General Contractor For My Project?

It may seem like a DIY project will save you money, but if you do something incorrectly, it will be an expensive lesson that could have been easily avoided. Hiring a licensed and qualified general contractor will save you time, stress, and potentially even money by having your project streamlined to get completed the right way.

Builder Boy goes above and beyond to make sure your project goes smoothly, is done in a timely manner, and exceeds your expectations. Take the first step to starting your project by requesting a free estimate today.