Barbenell Home Remodel

As a General Contractor in Orange County, we are often presented with a lot of minimalist requests, however with this project we were presented with a different challenge. Take a look at how we delivered on this Mid Century inspired design in Orange County.

Here’s the process on how we turned a house from contemporary to Mid Century Modern, the Barbenell Project.

Master Bathroom Remodel

In this project we built a master bathroom that featured a modern, luxe design that includes emerald green tile, sleek lighting and structural fixtures, and a zebra herringbone tile pattern for the floor tile.

The Design Choices

Our hallway bathroom remodel pulls from a modern nordic design. The Orange hardware contrasting the bone colored tile is a design style our client was excited to implement. This part of the project was designed by our sister company Satin & Slate

Our Kitchen & Dining room remodel features a emerald backsplash, modern sleek appliances, and a custom storage bench design, which doubles as a seated space for the dining table, this innovative, multifaceted approach allows us to make the most of the space in visual appeal and utility.

This part of the project was designed by our sister company Satin & Slate, who is one of the best interior designers in Orange County.