Ferro St. kitchen remodel

Ferro St. kitchen remodel was a project in which the homeowners wanted a wow factor.  It was brought to Builder Boy because the homeowners wanted to transform their space into something they could be proud of.  They also wanted to have their dream kitchen come true.


Built in 1949, this single 2-story, 4 bedroom, 3 bath home in Long Beach family home was purchased in March, 2015.  It’s interior was in dire need of an immediate makeover, beginning with the kitchen.


The end result of the project Ferro St. kitchen remodel is a beautiful kitchen in which organization is key and character a must.  The homeowners were excited to have a new, modern and upgraded kitchen in which they can spend time.

Ferro Kitchen Remodel

Custom Cabinetry

The custom cabinetry for this Ferro kitchen remodel was fun to accomplished.  The color was achieved in shop to the homeowners’ specifications.

The shaker style cabinetry complements the tile of the floor and it is often used because it is elegant and simple.  The color makes the cabinets pop with charisma and brings their details forward.

Cabinet Built-ins

In this remodel, the homeowners wanted to be very organize since the kitchen is on the smaller size.  The cabinets then needed to have as many built ins as possible to accommodate the family and their needs.

Throughout the kitchen, we placed built ins as needed for that space like a spice rack, pantry organizer and drawer divider.


The homeowners wanted a special design in the kitchen, so we used the tile to create something unique.

It is an original design that could only be found in their kitchen and the result is amazing.

Laundry Room

Ferro St. kitchen remodel was in dire need of a laundry room since it did not have.  In the original design the laundry was in the kitchen after the renovation the laundry was relocated to the hallway near the kitchen.

It was important to change not only the location but also how it was view. By having closet doors, the area can be conceal when guests arrive or when there is a gathering.