Long Beach Locust Home Remodel

Sometimes you find the right property, but the style of the home just does not fit you or your family. Changing the layout and architecture style of your home may seem impossible; however, it’s obtainable if you’re planning a complete remodel.

Recently, Builder Boy turned a ranch style home into a modern farmhouse, from redesigning the interior to exterior of the house with a full bathroom remodel and adding a second story.

Here’s the process on how we turned a house from ranch style to modern farmhouse, Long Beach Locust Home Remodel 

Locust Home Remodel

The importance of Curb Appeal in Virginia Country Club

Throughout history, the apex of Long Beach’s social hierarchy has found its nucleus within the Los Cerritos/Virginia Country Club enclave. This picturesque neighborhood has been a haven for a diverse set of influential individuals, including top-tier lawyers, esteemed bankers, influential oil magnates, proficient Realtors, and their accomplished spouses. These luminaries consistently extended warm invitations, opening their residences and sprawling yards to host a plethora of elegant gatherings, discussions, lavish parties, and memorable receptions.

After Renovation- The Finish Roosevelt Home

situated at 4160 Locust Ave., presents itself as a sprawling estate, encompassing a main house adorned with five bedrooms and five bathrooms. The property also includes a pair of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). The first ADU takes the form of a spacious townhouse-style dwelling, spanning 1,150 square feet across two levels and boasting two bedrooms, along with one and a half baths. The second ADU offers a single-level layout with one bedroom, one bath, and a private yard space. Both ADUs come equipped with indoor laundry facilities.

A grand white two-story residence crowned with a striking red tile roof stands as an inviting sight. A lengthy concrete pathway guides visitors to the front porch, framed by majestic palm trees.

The former abode of Winifred Campbell, the visionary behind the Assistance League, graces Locust Avenue. Erected in 1930, this historic residence served as one of the inaugural homes in Los Cerritos. Notably, Winifred Campbell, alongside her husband Realtor Melvin L. Campbell, inhabited the house for decades. Winifred’s deep-rooted passion for charitable endeavors and volunteer work culminated in the establishment of the Assistance League in 1940, along with its youth-centric extension, the Rick Rackers.

The property showcases a wide breadth of possibility. With it’s expansive size, multi-unit architecture, high ceilings, floor to ceiling windows, the interior design possibilities are endless. We’re excited to see what direction the home takes on as time passes.

Explore the rich history of Long Beach’s elite society centered around the Los Cerritos/Virginia Country Club neighborhood. Discover opulent homes, influential figures, and a legacy of lavish gatherings. Learn about the impressive residences currently listed, including the former home of Assistance League founder Winifred Campbell. Delve into the details of these properties, their layouts, and the captivating stories that define them.