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Construction Has Begun… Now What?

The best way to prepare for your remodel is to know what to expect. Discussions with your contractor before your project begins will eliminate any confusion and help to keep things moving forward.

  • Inspections
    • If your project has inspections, there will be days when work is paused to allow for a City inspector to review progress.
    • Sometimes inspectors will assign corrections to be completed before work can resume.
    • Not all corrections are the responsibility of your contractor.


  • It Gets Messy
    • Whether you are adding square footage to your home or having it painted, dust is normal during a remodel.
    • Your contractor should clean up at the end of the project but it is recommended to hire a professional cleaner after project completion.


  • Delays
    • Contractors do everything in their power to stay on schedule. Delays don’t benefit anyone, but they happen.
    • Weather, pandemic, added work and unforeseen issues can all cause delays to the project.
    • Change orders can have a time impact since it was an unforeseen addition.
    • Change of plans can cause time delays especially if a new design/floor plan is needed.
    • On time payments keep the project moving. Your contractor might have to pull crews and work on other projects if payments are significantly behind.


  • Work Together
    • We all want the same thing: a quality project completed in a timely manner.
    • Having a positive relationship between contractor and client is very important in keeping the project momentum.