Best Kitchen Design Styles: The Five Most Popular By Name

The kitchen has evolved from being a room focused solely on function to becoming the design centerpiece of the home. We have previously discussed the top interior design styles for a home, but not specifically when it comes to the kitchen. However, the design of a kitchen truly sets the tone for how the design of the rest of the home should be. Manufacturers have caught up to this by offering cabinets, lighting fixtures, and countertops in today’s most popular design styles.

At Builder Boy, we are a licensed general contractor and full-service home remodeling company. We work with our residential customers to help them update all areas of their homes, with kitchen design being one of the most popular renovations we do.

In this article, we discuss the top kitchen design styles.

What Are The Top 5 Kitchen Design Styles?

Before you begin your kitchen remodeling project, you may want to know the different kitchen design styles. Usually, most homeowners will start with the kitchen and continue the style throughout the rest of their home. Below are the top 5 kitchen design styles with photos to match.

  1. Modern
  2. Contemporary
  3. Farmhouse
  4. Coastal
  5. Traditional
Kitchen Design Styles - Modern Kitchen

Modern Kitchen Design

A modern kitchen is sophisticated and features glossy reflective surfaces and high-tech appliances. A modern kitchen should appear free from clutter with lots of open counter space. Highly polished woods and mid century modern seating are also part of a modern kitchen design.

Best Kitchen Design Styles - Contemporary

Contemporary Kitchen Design

While modern and contemporary designs are often confused with one another, contemporary refers to what is popular currently. Expect a minimalist vibe with lots of open space, big kitchen islands, sleek finishes, quartz countertops and a mix of materials from metal to wood included in contemporary kitchens.

Best Kitchen Design Styles - Modern Farmhouse

Farmhouse Kitchen Design

A farmhouse kitchen brings a rustic and cozy feeling to it. The design should appear comfortable and lived in, with an eclectic mix of finishes and patterns. Colors featured in farmhouse designs include red, yellow, and tones of cream. A long wooden farmhouse table with plenty of seating goes perfectly in this design. For an updated version of this design, consider a modern farmhouse design which features more of a sophisticated look.

Best Kitchen Design Styles - Coastal

Coastal Kitchen Design

If you live near the water or just want to feel like you do, consider a coastal kitchen. This design features cool shades of blue, green, white and sand. Seating is often made from wicker and is meant to look comfortable and casual. Window treatments should allow for maximum sunlight to give an extra beachy vibe.

Best Kitchen Design Styles - Traditional Kitchen Design

Traditional Kitchen Design

A traditional kitchen is a more formal style with a grandiose look that is timeless. It features decorative details such as crown moldings, luxury countertops, and cabinets with antique or glazed finishes. Tiles are often in white or light colors, and the cupboards feature glass or paneled doors.

Ready To Remodel Your Kitchen?

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