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Living at home during a remodel: 4 Pros and Cons.

Are you considering living through a major home remodel? The thought of living at your home during a major remodel may not seem ideal but can have some benefits. Here are some of the pros and cons of living on-site during a major remodel at your residence. 4 Pros of living at home during a […]

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Construction Has Begun… Now What?

The best way to prepare for your remodel is to know what to expect. Discussions with your contractor before your project begins will eliminate any confusion and help to keep things moving forward. Inspections If your project has inspections, there will be days when work is paused to allow for a City inspector to review […]

Creating The Essential Kitchen

The evolution of the modern kitchen has grown far from its primary function of food preparation, to that of “the social center of the home”. A place where the family, both nuclear as well as tribal, still gather to share, rejuvenate and commune together.

Prepare Your Kitchen For The Holidays

The holidays mean warm dinners with your loved ones — and that means extra time in the kitchen. Organize your cooking space in a way that lets you spend less time searching for the allspice and more time with your friends and family.

A Beautiful Costa Mesa Kitchen Makeover

This beautiful kitchen now belongs to a beautiful home in Costa Mesa, CA. When the homeowners approached Builder Boy with their kitchen project they were quickly paired with our design team at Builder Boy. Both Michele Leach and Nathalie Aguirre…